Specialists in import and export of honey in Bulk

Tarraco Food Trade is a company devoted to the import and export of honey in bulk and other products of feeding.
We are responsible for implementing a comprehensive management strategy to ensure our product reaches customers and the industry as a whole, at both a national and international level, creating strategic business relationships which mean our customers stand out from their competitors.

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Our Mission

To form a vital link in the supply chain to our customers, adapting to their needs and putting all our resources and know-how at their disposal.

Integral Management

Our business links with the major operators in the honey producing countries around the world mean that we offer our customers a significant competitive advantage.


The traceability and quality of our raw materials is always guaranteed through a range of checks which are undertaken throughout the process, providing security for our supply chain.

Our strategy is based on a combination of
Efficiency + Commitment + Ethics
in order to achieve our primary goal of being “your honey partner supplier”

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